Wednesday, 20 January 2016

10 Day Bloggerhood Challenge

Over at The Bloggerhood a 10 Day Back to Blogging Challenge has been posted; since I am easing myself back into blogging, a Back to Blogging Challenge sounds like something that I need in my life.  While I can't guarantee I will complete every Bloggerhood monthly challenge, this one feels right.

So, what is Should I Blog That primarily about?

I think this is something I struggle with greatly when it comes to blogging.  I already own a crochet blog (two actually). And it is easy to narrow does topics for those blogs... I mean.. they are CROCHET blogs.  I'm not going to be posting pictures of my latest vacation on them.

I have owned the "Should I Blog That" blogger domain since college.  After having children I felt I had outgrown the title - but just couldn't bring myself to delete it.  I loved the concept I had for the title.  Should I Blog That??  Literally - is that something I should blog about...

Once I had wanted to be a Mommy Blogger - I guess technically I am - I'm a Mom, and I blog... but this isn't a typical "mommy blog".  I do not plan on blogging constantly about my children.  Yes, they are a HUGE part of my life... but this is my blog; my little piece of the Internet that allows me to get away from mommyhood.  In all likelihood, the occasional post about my children may pop up, but that is not what with blog is about.

This blog is about me...  whatever that means.  Let's just hope I keep up with it this time.



  1. Want me to nag you every day if you fail to blog?? Love Anonymous Mom

  2. Hahaha you could try -- but it's never worked before has it??