Sunday, 24 January 2016

I Don't Like People...

It's not that I am antisocial.  I just don't really like people.  People ruined that for me.

I do like celebrities though.  Well, I like TV and movies.  Or maybe I just like having something to watch while I eat popcorn?!

Okay - back to the topic at hand... five of my favourite famous people, as requested by the Bloggerhood, in no particular order:

Joshua Gates.  I seriously love this man.  I think I have seen every show he has ever done.  I'm not entirely sure why I find him so captivating.  I think he has a dream job -- traveling around the world discovering things... yes please (minus the talking to people part)!

Ryan Reynolds.  Let's just take a moment and appreciate all the fine acting this man has done.  And ya know, I will even accept the Green Lantern in it's flawed goodness (It's Ryan Reynolds in an animated skin-tight green suit - just shut-up and watch!).  Reynolds has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember.  And now that Deadpool is coming out I am in fangirl heaven!! My favourite actor and my favourite Marvel character... as one?! *faints*

Zak Bagans.  I think Zak is one celebrity I could actually handle meeting.  He is fascinating and his work with the paranormal is superior to other ghost hunters.  I have enjoyed all of his books as well.

Along those lines, before Ghost Adventures, came Paranormal State. I truly admire Ryan Buell. Years ago he came out of the closet, which could not have been an easy decision because of his close work with the catholic church.  Since then, he has battled cancer, and gotten married to his co-star.  I tune in weekly to Twitch and watch him and Surgey on their paranormal gaming channel.

 For the last one on my list, I am going to say the cast of Supernatural! I love this show, and the whole cast -- they make me laugh.



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