Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Chimichangas All Around

Anyone who knows me - at all - knows that I am a huge Deadpool fan.  I have been waiting for the movie for YEARS.  Literally... years.

If you don't know who Deadpool is - where in Hades have you been?!  Under a rock?!   Deadpool is a fictional anti-hero created by Marvel Comics.  He is known as the Merc with the Mouth.  He is rude, crude and I absolutely love him!!

23 ReasonsEveryone Should Love Deadpool << Click that link.  You know you want to.

I have been itching to go see the movie since it came out!!  However, craptacular weather has prevented me from seeing it.  Hoping to get out this weekend.  With my luck, land-locked Ontario will be struck by a rogue tsunami.


  1. so how was it??

  2. Glad you finally got to see the movie and yes I will sit and watch it with you when you buy the DVD. anonymous Mom

    1. Do you know what today is Anonymous Mom? It's DEADPOOL DVD RELEASE DAY!!!!

  3. this movie was awesome.. glad i got to go see it with you not once but twice.. and now we wait to go get our pre ordered copies from HMV