Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Oh How I've Waited...

I've waited for this day.  Literally for YEARS.  But it has finally come.  HAPPY DEADPOOL DVD RELEASE DAY!!!

I am sitting here, patiently waiting by my phone for HMV to call me and let me know that my pre-ordered copy has arrived. 

The phone will ring any minute now.  I'm sure of it.  Maybe I will just go into the city anyways and see if it is there...

On the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Women on a Mission.  This is a women's only event to raise money for a local community member.  This year's recipient was a co-worker of my mother's.  Every year, there is a theme for the event.  However since this was the 10th anniversary, each table could pick any of the themes from the past 9 years.  Our table chose "Fairytales and Superheroes" as our theme.  You already know who I dressed up as.  I worked all year to get my costume ready -- including learning to do SFX makeup, mainly from the Youtube artist Mykie. .  I think I did a pretty good job... I was happy with the outcome anyways (image shown is my "trial run"... for the night of the event, I had much more of my face covered).



  1. We have to get together to watch it. Tomorrow is Survivor so you are busy, Thursday I have a 60th birthday party, so maybe Friday?? Anonymous Mom