Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Music for Life

I've said it before... Music play a big part in my life.  I am constantly listening to something... anything really.  Musical genres make little difference to me.  Music is music.

There are tonnes of songs that would be on the Mix Tape of my life.  Blank Space & Shake It Off (by Taylor Swift).  Want to Want Me (Jason Derulo).  What Do You Want From Me (Adam Lambert).  I Like It (Enrique Iglesias).  Most songs form Marianas Trench.  Sucks to be You (Prozzak).  No Surprize (Daughtry).  This could be a very long mixed tape...

Boyband confessions... Well of course I grew up listening to New Kids... but my favourite band was Take That.  Does anyone remember them?!  Robbie was my favourite - Loved the Everything Changes video.  I was devastated when he went off on his own, but I did follow his solo career.

The best video they ever made was about 8 minutes long... they were babysitting an adorable red-headed girl and had a party after she went to bed.  I can't for the life of me remember the song (or find the video) but it was awesome.

A google search just informed me three of the members have gotten back together.  Boy, am I out of the loop...  Good for them!  I'm still sad Robbie isn't one of the returning members. 

What's on your mixed tape of your life?

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Little White Lies

We all do it -- little while lies that we tell ourselves or others.
 We don't do it to be mean or spiteful.  It's just a little white lie...

I think the biggest lie I tell myself is "I don't need to write that down - I will remember it."

My memory is horrible.  If you want me to do something, make sure I write it down - or you will be reminding me.  Possibly several times.  I cannot count the times I have wrote a grocery list, left it at home, then tried to remember everything I needed while I am at the store.  Fun game.

In general, I think the picture to the left sums up white lies told by almost EVERY woman.  I know I have said them all on more than one occasion. These statements are meant to hurt you, more often then not they are to spare the other person's feelings or hide your own.

What about you -- what lies do you tell yourself?  Have you used any of these "common" girl lies??

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Allergies Rule the World

I read an article today about a mother who has a pre-teen son with a peanut allergy.  I am not going to link to said article, because quite frankly, while I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I believe what was written was very narrow minded.

That being said, food allergies are not uncommon in our household.  My eldest daughter and I share a peanut allergy and my youngest in intolerant of nuts (this means her body reacts violently to ingesting nuts and nut products... she vomits. Profusely.  Everywhere.  It's a mess).  The daughter of one of my closest friends has a newly discovered dairy allergy.  I have a cousin who is allergic to shellfish and various seasonal fruits. Believe me when I say, allergies are not uncommon around here.

Now this article, while it did make valid points about the rise in nuts based milks (due to the increase in dairy allergies), it seemed as though the author was placing her son's allergy in a higher priority than people with dairy allergies.  This is not a competition... no one allergy should out weigh another.

I do not envy anyone with a child with a dairy allergy.  Dairy products are literally in EVERYTHING.  Chicken fingers.  Hot dogs.  Baby formula.  Baked goods and pre-made mixes.  Cereal. Candy.  Potato chips.  Dairy and milk proteins are hidden in many places.  While I need to be diligent in reading labels for peanuts, it seems people with dairy allergies have to be even more so.

When it comes to the school board, they are VERY accommodating for peanut allergies and I appreciate this to no end.  Peanut products (and even Wow-butter, due to it's similar look to peanut butter) are banned.  What about dairy allergies?  Milk products are not banned.  We have milk and pizza days frequently.  So what happens to the poor children whose bodies cannot handle dairy proteins.  Our school (and specific teachers and Home & School Members) have been very diligent in protecting my friend's Kindergarten daughter from dairy.  They are learning to keep an eye out for dairy - Kudos to them!

However, this is where we get into a very sticky situation regarding allergies.  We simply cannot ban every food that is a potential allergen for children.  Since there are air-borne peanut allergies I understand that schools (and some work-places) must be a peanut free zone.  Is an air-borne dairy allergy even a possibility (I do not know,maybe I should look that up), but that does not make any single person with a peanut allergy more deserving of protection than that of any other kind of allergy.

Children with food allergies should be taught what foods they should avoid - and so should friends and family.  It should not be up to society keep a watchful eye out for the safety of your child.  That is your job as a parent.  If you see nut based-milks don't buy them if you have a peanut allergy! It's as simple as that.  Just remember that child with the dairy allergy would like to have "milk" on her cereal too...

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Favourite Places

I will e the first to admit, I spend way too much time online.  It is almost scary how accurate that quote to the left is.  That is literally me.  Every night.

I do spend alot of time on Facebook, Instagram.  Pinterest.  Etsy.  Ravelry. Blogger. Twitch...  Wow that list is getting a lot longer than I had originally intended.

I watch several shows online too - since I do not have a PVR.  The sites I use are either Netflix or Couch Tuner, and occasionally Primewire.

Where do you spend the majority of your online time?

Friday, 29 January 2016

Flick4Friday: Top War-time Movies

I always loved my Flick4Friday feature that I had on my previous blogs, so when I was asked if I would be doing a similar feature on this blog, I was only too happy to oblige.

I recently joined a new (?) social network called Letterboxd.  I love it there.  I haven't met or talked to anyone, but I am loving the concept of it... it is a place to keep track of all the movies I watch.

I have never really been big on war movies but it was the HBO series, Band Of Brothers (I did not watch the original airing... I believe it was 2014 when I actually watched this mini series) that made me watch a few.  You will notice this is only a Top Five List (because I haven't seen many movies of this genre) and the majority of the movies are recent (again, because I never had an interest in this genre).

For a more detailed look at these movies, please visit my Letterboxd List.

:: Top5 War-Time Movies ::
  1. Band of Brothers
  2. Unbroken
  3. Fury
  4. Against the Sun
  5.  The Imitation Game
What is on your list of must-see war-time movies? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Saucy Dog and Friends!!

A house isn't a home with a pet... or two... or three... or six?!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have undoubtedly seen some of the adventures of my Saucy Dog.  No... his name is not Saucy Dog.  That's just his online persona.

This little man - next to my son - is one of the most important males in my life.  He is the one that has always been there for me.  And his is the smiling face I am greeted with every morning.

Since he is a tiny long-haired chihuahua, he accompanies us many places.

Next is our Colossal Kitty.  This large fella is part Mainecoon... and certainly is a hefty kitty.
He and I truly have a love-hate relationship.

And then we have Kooky Kitty.  She is the youngest of our bunch.  And she quite possibly may be insane (or possibly inbred).  Either way, we love her for all her uniqueness.

And lastly - meet our critters... Hook, Rumple and Romeo, my little gerbils.

We certainly do have a full house full of love!